Ceci TO YOU Lambrusco Emilia IGT 75cl
Info Ceci TO YOU Lambrusco Emilia IGT 75cl

This lambrusco is considered the Cantine Ceci masterpiece. The grapes are produced in early October harvested and undergo cold maceration of 5-7 days the peel. This method guarantees an extraordinary violet-red color and full enveloping bouquet of strawberries, blackberries and raspberries with pronounced woody scents. Due to the residual sugar, the wine moderate tannins and can be combined well with all traditional dishes from Parma, but also beyond. Available in standard 75 cl, or in Ottellino bottles of 37.5 cl for the little pleasure. Or are you really looking for original, go for the To You bottles. Write it not on the walls. This eye-catcher from Ceci is either completely painted with chalkboard paint and provided with 2 crayons and a chalk eraser. Or, for the real artist, supplied with glass paint and a commodity painter's palette. Let your imagination run wild
adapt your message to the occasion. With this unique bottle you can only score.