Terra del Tuono Balsamico Bianco Blu 250ml
Info Terra del Tuono Balsamico Bianco Blu 250ml

White is a fine sweet and sour dressing of white grapes of the Modenese tradition.
It is obtained from the concentrated must of only white grapes, mainly Spergola and Trebbiano, expertly mixed with the finest well-ripened white wine vinegar. White is an amber, clear and transparent dressing. The taste is sweet and sour, with a pleasant accentuation of the sour tone. Volatile acidity is pronounced, the palate perceives a pleasant aggression.
White has a strong perfume which is accompanied by a good acidity. The clear and transparent color makes it preferred to keep the original color of the dish. It goes perfectly with salads and fresh vegetables in pinzimonio. It is excellent on seafood, fish and white meats.