wine package Rebels 3 x 75 cl
Info wine package Rebels 3 x 75 cl

May it be different for you? Like to be a bit rebellious? Then choose the Rebels wine package with this combination:

Castiadas Genis Monica Di Sardegna DOC 75cl

Monica is a typical Sardinian grape likely to originate in Spain. This grape generally produces fruity wines with an intense color and flavor. Medium acidity, soft and ripe tannins and an aromatic character. The Genis has not had any wood-bearing finish, but it does give that impression due to its smoky character. Very tasty, rich and mouth-filling. And this from a unique, rare grape Monica

Gastronomy: A delicious wine for all kinds of stews or a BBQ. Pork tenderloin, dishes with minced meat and tomato or a dish with smoked meat would certainly not look out of place. Or you can also just enjoy it on a pleasant evening.

Ausonia Apollo Montepulciano 75 cl

Concentrated and complex red wine with a spicy southern character. The color is intense cherry red. The fragrance is powerful and spicy with blue and black fruits, liquorice, pepper and red paprika. On the palate, the wine is robust, harmonious with a balanced tannin content and a powerful medium-long finish. This wine was made with minimal intervention: no pesticides or herbicides in the vineyard, manual picking, soft pressing, natural fermentation and a minimal amount of sulphite.

Gastronomy: Serve this wine with rich, spicy dishes, game stews, grilled red meat or Mediterranean dishes.

Davino Purpura Valahica 75cl

With this Romanian wine you immediately have a lot of fruit in the nose, ripe black fruit with a little red fruit in the background. Rich tannins but very nicely blended and acids that carry the wine perfectly. The spiciness gives a delicious added value to the wine. The wine stayed for 25% in new Romanian barrels and 75% on 2nd years, this for 8 months. A wonderful example of what the top grape Feteasca Neagra can offer.

Gastronomy: Full and powerful red! Firm red meat is no problem! All kinds of stews or goulash. Certainly also spicy or spicy dishes and after aging this wine also allows game dishes.