Bottega Elixir Amaro 0% 50cl
Info Bottega Elixir Amaro 0% 50cl

Non-alcoholic amaro.
Elixir Bottega is a non-alcoholic amaro bitter after-dinner digestif making it the perfect choice for teetotallers and all those who, for any reason, choose to be cautious in their consumption of alcohol. The product recalls the great tradition of herbal bitter liqueurs, maintaining the aromatic complexity and fascination, despite the zero alcohol content.

The production of amaro drinks has centuries and centuries of history behind it. Obtained by macerating roots and herbs in alcohol, it was first developed in the Middle Ages by monks for pharmacological purposes. Over time, the curative aspects have given way to the search for flavour and an enjoyable product. Elixir Bottega is inspired by this thousand-year-old tradition, representing its modern evolution. Its character stems from the quality and variety of botanical ingredients used, offering a non-alcoholic, full-flavoured alternative to suit adult tastes, for those not wishing to consume alcohol, either by choice or through necessity. Flaunting elegant, refined packaging, the product
is a perfect alternative to an alcoholic amaro, satisfying even the most demanding or sceptical palates.