Vincenzi Zucchero Di Canna 70cl
Info Vincenzi Zucchero Di Canna 70cl

Cane sugar syrup.

Vincenzi syrups are premium products based on refined granulated sugar, which are flavored with natural flavors, and in the case of fruit syrups with natural juice. These syrups do not contain glucose, only high quality sugar. They are gluten free and are produced only with top quality materials. As proof, the Eataly group has chosen co-branding with Vincenzi for the syrups sold in its stores under the Vincenzi per Eataly brand. Vincenzi has always placed great emphasis on the quality of its products, using natural flavors, natural colors and has produced its syrups in the same way since 1930. Piedmontese peppermint is known to be the best in the market. The illustrations of Vincenzi syrups are hand-painted watercolors by Italian artist Barbara Fantaguzzi.