Marrakech Orange Mandarine Nectar 1l
Info Marrakech Orange Mandarine Nectar 1l

Orange and tangerine juice.

Orange, in its different varieties, is one of the most cultivated fruits in Morocco. Indeed, the richness of Moroccan soil and the generosity of its sunshine make our oranges very tasty and also very rich in essential nutrients and vitamin C. Orange is widely used in Moroccan gastronomy who knows how to put it in honor, it is not only consumed in juice but also enters into the composition of many cooked dishes, salads and desserts.
The Moroccan mandarin is one of the best in the world, thanks to the temperate climate of our regions which is ideal for its culture. Like the Moroccan orange, it is found in different varieties and cultivated in several regions. Much appreciated for its taste and smell, it is widely consumed raw and natural.