Terra del Tuono Balsamico di Mela Verde 250ml
Info Terra del Tuono Balsamico di Mela Verde 250ml

Sweet and Sour Condiment 100% Apple is a very particular product, obtained by the slow acetification of the apple must cooked for a long time. It has a particularly intense aroma and a fresh and pleasant taste. It comes from highly selected ingredients and the fermentation process is absolutely natural. The result is a product with intense aromas and unique flavors, which can be used to flavor all dishes. It is rich in mineral salts and is fresh, structured, with a savory and persistent taste. 100% Apple Sweet and Sour Condiment can be combined with first courses, soufflés and risottos. It is excellent in mayonnaise, in delicate and raw sauces, on vegetables and scampi. An experience to try is to accompany it with omelettes and onion dishes. It releases its aromas on fruit-based desserts and fresh cheeses. Flavors grilled meats and delicate roasts.